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VLS graduates = Change-Makers

What will you do when you graduate from Vermont Law School? You will, of course, make that decision for yourself, but I predict you will become a change-maker, like so many of your fellow alumni. Here are a few stories from some of our recent grads.

  • Jon Hamlin ‘10 and two friends co-founded Sustainable Aerodynamic Concepts, a nonprofit that manufactures energy saving products from decommissioned semi trailers. SA Concepts’ primary product is a skirt for new semi-trailers, which improves the trucks’ aerodynamics. The company’s employees are all veterans who are also pursuing higher education. SA Concepts thus helps veterans find jobs, while making the trucking industry more economically and environmentally sustainable.
  • Kenneth Miller ’09 is the founding partner of Law for Food, LLC, which provides services to small-scale farmers and food entrepreneurs to support the sustainable production of healthy food.
  • Deanna Jones ‘11 is president of the National Federation of the Blind of Vermont. She recently brought three young blind people to Washington D.C. for a march on Washington and for visits with the Vermont Congressional delegation regarding legislation that pertains to the blind.
  • Emile Syrewicze ‘11 is the executive director of Foundation for Mental Health, which addresses the critical need for stable, affordable housing for people with mental health needs in northwest lower Michigan. It also raises awareness of mental health and affordable housing needs and coordinates support services for persons with these needs.
  • Erin Jacobsen ’11 is the legal counsel for Vermont Immigration and Asylum Advocates, an organization that protects the human rights of individuals and families who have fled their homelands by providing free or low fee, professional legal services.

These young alumni are part of a wider group of equally impressive alumni. Among our grads are the Parliamentarian for the U.S. Senate, a CNN hero, and the Vice President for Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance at Wal-Mart.  They and others can also be your role models.

VLS grads have a mission—and people with a mission can always find work to do. They simply roll up their sleeves and get going.

Betsy Schmidt
Associate Professor of Law

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