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Law, Food, & the Radio

One of the things I love most about Vermont Law School is its law students.

Last month, I had just started as Director of the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems when I received an email from students who were soliciting programming ideas for a new, community-based low-frequency radio station.  The message got me thinking — wouldn’t it be cool to create a food radio talk show where we explore all things food?

So, I sent a message to our all of our law students asking if they wanted to start a food radio show called Food Talk.  Nine students showed at the first meeting, including three 1Ls who I now refer to as the 1L Mafia for their miraculous grasp of sound editing equipment and Constitutional Law.  The students developed their own organizational structure, releases, property agreements, and trademark work.

So, Food Radio isn’t just about Radio or even the law and policy of food from the perspectives of people living it, but also about governance, intellectual property, and creativity (more than a little of which is useful for a successful legal career).

And guess what…we just posted our first show!  Highlights include a debate on GMO Labeling,

an update the Federal Farm Bill, and interviews VLS President & Dean Marc Mihaly, Vermont Secretary of Agriculture Chuck Ross, farmer and former state representative David Ainsworth, the owners of a gourmet burger shop in South Royalton, VT — the Worthy Burger.

Laurie Ristino
Associate Professor of Law, Director of the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems


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