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Most students understand the difference between revolutions and social movements.  Revolutions usually connote the overthrow of the established order while movements are a type of group social movement for a particular purpose.  And yet, I wonder if we are now witnessing the convergence of these two social constructs.

For example, in Vermont and other rural states, we are seeing another generation of young people (in this case, Millennials) coming back to work and live from the land in a post-modern, back-to-the-garden way. These are folks who know how to use an iPhone, rotate grazing, enrich the soil, post a blog, AND negotiate organic certification.

Of course, farming has always been the province of the hard-working, innovative pioneers (remember the recent Super Bowl ad that reprised Paul Harvey’s famous “So God Made a Farmer”). It is no wonder that new people are coming to the land hoping to do justice by nature while feeding the masses.  This is an awesome undertaking, not for the faint of heart, but for the bold of spirit – revolutionaries who understand how to be part of a social movement.

Laurie Ristino
Associate Professor of Law, Director of the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems

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