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Most students understand the difference between revolutions and social movements.  Revolutions usually connote the overthrow of the established order while movements are a type of group social movement for a particular purpose.  And yet, I wonder if we are now witnessing the convergence of these two social constructs. For example, in Vermont and other rural […]

A Careful Consideration of GMOs

In my food and agriculture class, we’ve been working through a rather controversial GMO paper by de Vendemois. It is technically dense, to say the least — the abstract of this paper mentions MON 810, False Discovery Rate, Principal Component Analysis, isogenic, Bt, detoxifying, hepatorenal, and on and on. Yet at its core, this paper […]

Environmental Legal Clinic Strengthened By Second-Semester Students

The ENRLC is fortunate to have five outstanding students who have returned for a second semester at the Clinic this spring – Juliette Balette ‘13, Mitty Barnard ‘13, Jillian Bernstein ‘13, Mary Olive ‘13, and Rachel Stevens ‘13.  Each of these second-semester students has assumed responsibility for one of the Clinic’s complex projects, such as […]

VLS Board Fellows

In my experience, students who come to Vermont Law School want to “change the world.” They plan to use their legal skills to protect the environment, prevent domestic violence, defend human rights, promote the arts, educate youth, reform the criminal justice system, and pursue any number of other strategies to improve life in the United […]

Study Abroad at VLS

A wealth of international programs is just one of many reasons to enroll at Vermont Law School! I recently returned from a trip to Bolzano, Italy where I made two presentations at the Winter School on Federalism and Fundamental Rights of the European Academy (EURAC) of Bolzano. Students at the EURAC Winter School come from […]

Law, Food, & the Radio

One of the things I love most about Vermont Law School is its law students. Last month, I had just started as Director of the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems when I received an email from students who were soliciting programming ideas for a new, community-based low-frequency radio station.  The message got me thinking […]

Environmental Clinic Wins Long Campaign for Passamaquoddy Bay

The Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic has prevailed in its seven-year battle over a proposal to build a Liquefied Natural Gas terminal at Pleasant Point on the shores of beautiful Passamaquoddy Bay. In 2005, the Clinic filed suit on behalf of a group of Passamaquoddy tribal members challenging the decision of the Bureau of […]

Examining Gun Control

Recent events involving gun violence—including the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Vice President’s Biden’s gun task force, pending state and federal  gun control legislation and the ongoing public debate on guns and violence—led to an amazing discussion in my Scientific Controversies class a couple weeks ago on gun control.  This class was typical of […]

VLS graduates = Change-Makers

What will you do when you graduate from Vermont Law School? You will, of course, make that decision for yourself, but I predict you will become a change-maker, like so many of your fellow alumni. Here are a few stories from some of our recent grads. Jon Hamlin ‘10 and two friends co-founded Sustainable Aerodynamic […]

Continuous Reminders

On the first day of Corporations class this January, I invited students to introduce themselves and then to ask me anything.  Some posed serious questions about my work experience, and others whimsical ones about my favorite bands and whether I liked to ski. One of the first students to inquire asked why I’d chosen to […]