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Upcoming Events at VLS

It may be summer, but there are still many events happening on the Vermont Law School campus. Below is an overview of the events happening over the coming weeks. TODAY – Thursday, June 5 Hot Topics in Environmental Law–Summer 2008 Brown Bag Lecture Series 12:00-1:00 PM Chase Community Center Whales Tales: Sonar and National Defense, […]

Commencement Thoughts

I am sittng in my office this morning, about an hour before we robe to march in the commencement procession.  It is always a moving experience, even during rain, snow and other bleak weather.  However, today we have bright cool sunshine – a magnificent Vermont spring morning.  The rain is not due to arrive until […]

Going and Coming

This semester has gone by so fast.  The snow has melted (finally), the grass is green and flowers are blooming.  I had the snow tires taken off of the car last week, which improves gas mileage. We are in the middle of exams.  It is 2:30 in the afternoon.  A 3rd year student just walked […]

VLS Facebook Page: Vermont Law School – Class of 2011

For the last 5 years, I have created a Yahoo page for the entering class, providing a forum for the new students to get to know each other on-line during the summer.  Many people have been telling me that I really needed to create facebook page for the class this year.  I had never used […]

Admissions Update

You haven’t heard much from the Admissions Office lately – and that is because we are reading files!  The application deadline was March 1; literally hundreds of candidates submitted application within a 2 day period at the deadline.  Then, all of their LSDAS resports arrived simultaneously in the office about March 20th.  They were delivered […]

March 1st

Today is March 1st – Very important for several reasons.  First of all, today is the “suggested” deadline for applications to all programs at the law school.  The admissions office has been crazy this week as we man the phones and e-mails, responding to candidates who are submitted last minute applications.  We are explaining to […]

Happening Times in Vermont and at VLS

I am not in the habit of watching the Today show in the mornings, but made an exception this morning.  They are broadcasting live from Sugar Bush, a ski resort about 40 miles north of the law school.  It’s a postcard perfect winter day in Vermont with temps in the single digits, a bright blue […]

Valentine’s Day – Part 2

She said yes!! Best wishes to Raven and Anselm for a long and happy life together.

Valentine’s Day Story

As can be imagined, many romantic relationships are formed in Vermont.  During the cold dark months of winter, falling in love keeps the heart warm and happy.  We enjoy tracking the VLS couples – the Advancement Office even sends them homemade valentines cards. One such couple is very special.  She was a student in the […]


We have been pummeled with snow this week, which is a good thing.  You have to have lots of snow for Wynterfest festivities on campus.  A long-time annual event run by the SBA, students form teams to compete in various activities.  The tug of war event was quite a show, there is little finesse when […]