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Visit Vermont – Fall Open House

Each year we host several on-campus events, drawing prospective students from all over the country, to experience what it’s really like at Vermont Law School. During the fall we feature our Open House, welcoming prospective students to learn more about our many degree programs, and the VLS community. I meet many people during recruitment travel […]

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

We processed our largest batch of admissions decisions today! A very busy Friday in the office. Are you still waiting for for yours? Check Your Online Status!

VLS Involved in Irene Clean Up

Hurricane Irene made its impact in Vermont with flooding levels that haven’t been seen since the flood of 1927, coined “Vermont’s greatest natural disaster.” Babbling brooks became raging rivers, taking out anything that stood in its path. Many Vermonter’s lost their homes and belongings, and others were left stranded due to washed out roads and […]

What does it mean to be VLS Alumni?

Loquitur, the VLS alumni publication, is published every Fall and Spring updating the VLS community on all the happenings with our alums across the globe, as well as right here in South Royalton. This issue takes international focus, adequately titled, “A Global Legal Perspective.” Read the spotlights on Molly Mimier JD/MSEL’05, who is stationed in […]

Last Week of Classes

This is the last week of classes for the spring semester and it appears that spring has officially decided to arrive! Woohoo! I am going to call it at this point and forecast the end of snow or “swinter” as Kathy calls it. There is still some snow hanging out in front of Oakes Hall, […]

VLS Retains #1 Environmental Law Ranking!

For the third year in a row, VLS continues to be number one in the nation for environmental law! The moment of suspense builds as we creep closer to the release of the rankings.  Every member of the VLS community works hard to consistently provide opportunities for our students. A tremendous amount of energy and […]

Application Deadline 3/1 – You Can Still Apply!

I pry my eyes away from reading files and answering emails to post an update! Kathy and my conversations for the past several weeks have sounded like this: Kathy: “Have you written in the Blog lately?” John: “No, it’s on my to-do, just haven’t had time. You?” Kathy: “Nope, but been thinking about it.” Then […]

A Break from Admissions; Let’s Talk Career

Everything is status quo in the office right now. We are all busy reviewing files, meeting with applicants and admitted students, and making our final preparations for Admitted Student Visiting Day in March. With that in mind, let’s depart from the usual substance of this blog and turn to careers. Naturally, this is a topic […]

Our Winter Wonderland

As much of the nation seems to have experienced some severe weather over these past few weeks, Vermont is no exception. We have closed early twice and opened late, which is almost unheard of. Of course, it doesn’t count for us in Admissions as we can read files from home if need be! I prefer […]

Release of VLS Top 10 Environmental Watch List 2011

If you have been following the VLS press, you may have noticed an increasing buzz surrounding the release of our Top 10 Environmental Watch List.  This Watch List is comprised of the nation’s most critical environmental law and policy issues of 2010 and how they may play out in 2011. To find out more, watch […]