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Environmental Legal Clinic Strengthened By Second-Semester Students

The ENRLC is fortunate to have five outstanding students who have returned for a second semester at the Clinic this spring – Juliette Balette ‘13, Mitty Barnard ‘13, Jillian Bernstein ‘13, Mary Olive ‘13, and Rachel Stevens ‘13.  Each of these second-semester students has assumed responsibility for one of the Clinic’s complex projects, such as […]

Environmental Clinic Wins Long Campaign for Passamaquoddy Bay

The Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic has prevailed in its seven-year battle over a proposal to build a Liquefied Natural Gas terminal at Pleasant Point on the shores of beautiful Passamaquoddy Bay. In 2005, the Clinic filed suit on behalf of a group of Passamaquoddy tribal members challenging the decision of the Bureau of […]

Application Deadline 3/1 – You Can Still Apply!

I pry my eyes away from reading files and answering emails to post an update! Kathy and my conversations for the past several weeks have sounded like this: Kathy: “Have you written in the Blog lately?” John: “No, it’s on my to-do, just haven’t had time. You?” Kathy: “Nope, but been thinking about it.” Then […]