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The Critical Environmental Issues of 2012

2012 Top Ten

What does it mean to be VLS Alumni?

Loquitur, the VLS alumni publication, is published every Fall and Spring updating the VLS community on all the happenings with our alums across the globe, as well as right here in South Royalton. This issue takes international focus, adequately titled, “A Global Legal Perspective.” Read the spotlights on Molly Mimier JD/MSEL’05, who is stationed in […]

Release of VLS Top 10 Environmental Watch List 2011

If you have been following the VLS press, you may have noticed an increasing buzz surrounding the release of our Top 10 Environmental Watch List.  This Watch List is comprised of the nation’s most critical environmental law and policy issues of 2010 and how they may play out in 2011. To find out more, watch […]