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Monthly Archives: March 2010

VT Supreme Court and Upcoming Events

Vermont Law School has a close relationship with the VT Supreme Court. Each year the Court treks down from Montpelier and holds a session in our court room in Oakes Hall. Court is in session all day and there are a variety of cases on the docket from environmental to criminal. It’s a wonderful opportunity […]

Update on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

As one of the two law schools in the US that does not permit the military to interview on campus because they choose to not sign our non-discrimination statement, VLS actively participates in the national lobby movement to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.  Pof. Jackie Gardina sent out the following message to the VLS community: […]

Updates All Around

Our March 1st suggested application deadline has passed and we are up to our ears in applications! We received an incredible amount over the weekend and it will take some time to process all of them. Add this to the two snow days and power outage of last week, and we have quite the catching […]

Town Meeting Day

Today (the first Tuesday of March) is Town Meeting Day in Vermont.  Having never heard of such a day until I moved here, it must be a uniquelly New England event. All schools (including Vermont Law School) and many businesses are closed for the day so that the citizens of each town may attend their […]