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Category Archives: Financial Aid

Financial Aid Awards (Quick update)

Last week financial aid awards were in the mail. Every admitted student with a complete application (FAFSA, VLS Institutional Application and 2007 Federal Tax Return) was packaged. We are now working on the next round of awards which should go in the mail by this Friday. It is not too late to get in your […]

Financial Aid Awards

What a day to write my first financial aid blog of the year. It is beautiful and I find myself looking outside and thinking Spring is coming! Inside, the Financial Aid Office is really busy, which is expected. Visitors are stopping by and the phones are ringing off the hook. The award process has begun […]

Financial Aid and the Next Step

May is here and we are getting a lot of phone calls about what is the next step? All accepted students with complete files (FAFSA, VLS Institutional Application and signed 2006 federal taxes) have been awarded. It is not too late to get these documents in to make your file complete.   So onto the […]

Update on Awarding

All awards are in the mail for accepted students who have filed their FAFSA and VLS Institutional Application. After Accepted Student Visiting Day (Monday), we will continue to award students as files are completed. So this means if you have not turned in paperwork, please file your FAFSA and the VLS Institutional Application. Next week, […]

Financial Aid Awards

The Financial Aid Office is busier then ever. Between awarding new prospective students and presenting financial literacy/planning programs for our current students, things are a happening! Students are back from spring break and the campus has some traffic. It was very quiet last week. New award letters are going out each day. Please remember, before […]

The Phones Are Ringing

Questions are coming in left and right. People have been calling asking how do they fill out their FAFSA with 2006 tax data when they have not filed their taxes? The FAFSA can be filled out with estimated 2006 numbers. When your 2006 taxes are complete, just mail your taxes into the financial aid office […]

How can I not talk about the weather in my first ever blog. It was 58 degrees this weekend and I thought I was going to have to mow the lawn. My girls were disappointed that they could not ski but were excited to play soccer outdoors. On the financial aid front we are getting […]